Spa Scum Balls (ACM305)

Spa Scum Balls (ACM305)


Brand: Olympic Pool Accessories

  • Made to absorb all scum, oils, suntan lotions, cosmetics, grease, etc
  • Special design rotates for faster scum removal
  • Soaks up to 30 times its weight in oils
  • Helps keep hot tub clean from unwanted bacteria
  • Reusable and Economical.
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Product details

  • Manufacturer : Champlain Plastics
  • Item model number : Scum Star

Product description

Item Parcel Quantity:1
Oil Absorbing Scum Sponge for Hot Tub, Swimming Pool and Spa, Eliminate and Prevent scum Lines.

SPA AND POOL SCUM REMOVER Helps to prevent the formation of unsightly scum liners around spas and pools. Can absorb several times its weight in body oils and suntan lotions. Lasts one month in most spas or pools. Symmetrical star design to rotates, and allows all-over absorption.

HOW TO USE: Place in spa to absorb grime, body oil and suntan lotion from the water surface Squeeze Out outside of hot tub and wipe excessive oils Re-Use it Replace in 30 days for best use. Works best with balanced water and a sanitizer level between one and three Use in acrylic spas, Above-ground pools, inflatable spas and inground Pools Drop the Olympic Star Oil and Scum Remover into your swimming pool in order to eliminate and prevent scumlines. The Olympic Star absorbs body oils, lotions and scum from within your water and helps provide you with cleaner and clearer waters. The Olympic Star is an oil and scum remover that helps eliminate the formation of scumlines in your pool or spa. The Olympic Star is made using special absorbent foam, designed to soak up to 20 times its weight in unwanted oils and lotions. Same technology from ocean spills. It’s design is made for it to rotate and speed up the scum removal process. Simply float it in the spa or skimmer to avoid that unwanted scum line and keep your hot tub water sparkling.

* Soaks up to 30 times its weight in oils and lotions
* Rotates for faster scum removal
* Avoids unwanted scum line build up
* Keeps hot tub water crystal clear and sparkling
* Reusable and Economical.


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