HTH® Spa Filter Cleaner 500ml


Cartridge filter cleaner removes scale and mineral buildup from filter media as well as body oils, suntan lotion, grease and other organic matter. Use this product when the water pressure coming out of the filtration system noticeably decreases. It will also improve filter efficiency and water circulation.

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  • BENEFIT: Keep your spa filter clean with this easy-to-use filter cleaner
  • IMPROVES PERFORMANCE: Deep cleans all filter types; Extends life of filter
  • CLEAR WATER: A filter that works better ensures your spa or hot tub water is clean and clear
  • COMPATIBLE WITH ALL SPAS: HTH Spa Filter Cleaner is great for all spas, including bromine, chlorine and biguanide
  • YOU’RE ALL CLEAR WITH HTH: For best results, use HTH Spa Filter Cleaner as part of your regular HTH Spa care routine, or every 90 days when you change out your spa water


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