Atlantis MAX Anti Freeze and Gel 1 x 3.78L


Brand: Atlantis

  • High density antifreeze for pools and spas
  • 1 Bottle of 3,78 l
  • Non Toxic
  • Great for heaters and other equiptment
  • Perfect for inground pools piping and drains
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High Density Antifreeze MAX with a Corrosion Inhibitor for Swimming Pools 1 x 3.78 Liter Bottles

1 x 3.78 Liter Bottles, Antifreeze is a high density antifreeze for pools and spas with a corrosion inhibitor. Anti-burst protection up to 51 degrees Celsius. This antifreeze is more dense than standard plumbing antifreeze. This enables the antifreeze to push and water out and stay inside the pipes. Since this is non toxic it is safe to use and will disparate in the spring opening. Also is will not corrode your pool equipment, pump, heaters,etc since it has a corrosion inhibitor included. The best product for your swimming pool closing needs


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