Balboa VS501z Hot Tub Heater – VS501 Spa Pack- PN# 54356-03

Balboa VS501z Hot Tub Heater – VS501 Spa Pack- PN# 54356-03


Brand: Balboa

  • Balboa VS501z Hot Tub Heater – VS501 Spa Pack- PN# 54356-03
  • Replaces any VS501sz and VS500 series spa hot tub heaters
  • Comes complete with 2 year warranty
  • Runs 2 pumps and ozonator and comes with a light
  • Standard 15″ heater tube replaces most spa packs on the market. Requires VL top side controller.
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Product details

  • Is Discontinued By Manufacturer ? : ??No
  • Product Dimensions ? : ??50.8 x 27.94 x 11.43 cm; 5.5 Kilograms
  • Manufacturer ? : ??Balboa
  • Manufacturer reference ? : ??Balboa Pack VS501Z

Product description

5.5 Kw Balboa VS501Z -Spa Pack PN 54356-03Balboa VS501Z Digital Spa Controller (spa pack) for tubs with one or more pumps – one-2-speed pumps, but it additionally also supports a 2nd 1-speed pump or blower (not both) and a circulation pump. The Patented M7 Technology requires no pressure sensor or remote temperature sensor and allows the spa pack to be positioned any direction. Water temperature is maintained to /- 1 degree F. This spa pack is most often used with a 240 volt service in which casethe heater element (Incoloy 800) will produce 5.5 kW. It can also use a 120 volt service if all load devices are 120 volt. The heater element will then produce 1.4 kW. Used with standard 2 piping or 1-1/2 piping if adapters are installed. The spapack is expected to be bought as a direct replacement. It can replace other spa packs such as ones supplied by Gecko, Hot Springs, Len Gordon, Hydro Quip, etc., but only if bought as part of a retrofit kit (which this is not).

Standard features include:

  • filter cycle programming
  • freeze protection, standard, economy and sleep heating modes
  • self-diagnostics. It also has the ability to select how much current will be drawn by selecting how many pumps can run (0-2) and still have the heater come on.
  • It has receptacles for one 2-speed pumps; a 2nd 1-speed pump or blower (not both); one circulation pump; one ozonator; one constant-on for Audio/Visual devices; one 12 volt light. All receptacles (except light) can be switched to supply 120 Volts or 240 Volts.
  • Unit comes complete with: 2 x 2 heater tail pieces and plasticized control panel instruction sheet.
  • Comes with 2 year mfg warranty.

Requires a VL40X or VL2XX light duplex top side controller, such as the VL401 or the VL240.


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